Gallery 1970s

Wumme 1971

NN, Kurt Graupner, Jean-Hervé Peron, Uwe Nettelbeck, Zappi, NN, 
Rudolf Sosna, Hans Joachim Irmler

Zappi, Jean-Hervé Peron on Uwe's Volvo

Paul (Zappi's dog), Jean-Hervé Peron, Zappi, Petit Chien (Peron's dog), unknown cows

 Jean-Hervé Peron, Zappi, dog Paul barking. They are singing the song "Irene"

Jean-Hervé, Almuth (girlfriend of Jean-Hervé. He met her in his home town Cherbourg and
she is the reason why he came to Hamburg), Zappi, Kurt Graupner, Gunther Wüsthof

Kurt Graupner, Uwe Nettelbeck, Dog Petit Chien and dog Paul wearing the Faust tapes!

Jean-Hervé Peron, Rudolph Sosna, Hans Joachim Irmler, Kurt Graupner

Jean-Hervé Peron with apron, Zappi, with doll, Hans Joachim Irmler with wooden mannekin, 
unseen Rudolph Sosna (just one arm), Gunther Wüsthof 

At The Manor Studio 1973
Jean-Hervé Peron holding his fender precision bass (behind the controlroom
glasspannel, a fender jazz bass), Kurt Graupner

Uwe Nettelbeck and Kurt Graupner on The Manor mix-board 
(where Tubular Bells also was recorded)

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