Avantgardefestival Program

Finally it is that time again, to enter the farm of Jean-Hervè Peron, and join in three days of Utopia.
A festival of Faust in spirit, and we'll be seeing you there over an avantgarde pizza or eine dunkel. 
Anyway, the festival opens this Friday! Programe is final, and looks like this:


Doors open 16:00

Program starts 17:00
Curfew 03:00

Hanssen& Waernes N
Blaakraft N
Human Abfall D
Sawada J
Thee vhs Cvlt D
Asmus Tietchens D
Diatribes CH
Visual Bassic D
DJ Jazz is Dangerous S


Program starts 10:00
Curfew 03:00

Avantgarde FM FI/USA
Football tournoi All !
Yoga workshop D/ F
Ekin Fill TR
Composers Duo D
Cassiel au Ciel D
Rishin Singh MY/AU
Weinzierl & Sello D
Mia Zabelka A
Ziguri feat. G.Schickert D
Jump for Joy ! J/A/F/UK
Kevin Schmidt CA
Akim Hash RO
DJ Judith Crasser D


Program starts: 10:00
Festival ends: 20:00Doors close : 22:00

Avantgarde FM FI/USA
Chess Tournoi All !
Jono Podmore UK
Evelina Petrova RU
Mani Neumaier D
Doppelganger I / N
Poil F
StadtfischFlex D/J/A / N


Irmler+Liebezeit record

An Irmler+Liebezeit record called "FLUT" will be out July 18th 2014 on Klangbad. The album will be available as CD, LP and Download, and distributed by Broken Silence, Cargo UK, A-Musik and Klangbad Mailorder.

Here is a snippet:


Promo request: benny (at) klangbad.de