Faust "10"

Apparently the previously announced album "10", has come out as a bootleg. Vinyl, limited edition of 100 copies. Here is photos of a copy bought at the record fair in Utrecht (courtesy of Joachim Gaertner).

Seems like the release is marked rainy day records, but apparently this is not the bigger independent label si of the same name situated in LA, USA. Anyone who has news about this release, please contact Faust-News blog.

Tracklisting (as written on the back):
face 1:
á bout de soufle
fresh air
á l'ambassade du japon
lend me your coat
der sommerwind

face 2:
der fass ist voll
an english woman's dream
pure freude


New Klangbad LP from Irmler

Continuing the collaborative works, FM Einheit & Irmler teams up with The German multimedia performer Ute Marie-Paul and the American composer and bassoon player Katie Young's sound cosmos. Spielwiese 3 will be released on LP 25th of November this year by Klangbad. Limited to 500 copies with Silk Screen Cover.

A Terrific Place by Klangbad


Art Error Ist live at LUFF

Jean Hervé Peron has started a closer collaboration with guys from NWW, Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles as Art Error Ist. Here they perform with Babs Santini doing paintwork at the Lausanne Underground film & Music Festival in October this year.