pirlouiiiit images from Mimi Festival

pirlouiiiit has some very nice images from Faust performance @ the Mimi Festival earlier this summer. Also a short videoclip here

A review (in French) from the same festival can also be found if you scroll down at this page.

The Timeless krautrock of Faust

Harry Prenger has written an article on Faust on his blog, ending with some nice talk about Faust is Last. It is in Dutch, so it's mostly for fans who are fluent in that kind of language. Others interested could try the google translate version.

Reviews from Evilsponge

EvilSponge has done a nice review of Faust is Last. Concluding quite rightly "I don't believe Irmler will stop now". Also a nice review of Peron and Zappi's Faust performance in Wrexham in May. Some images as well.