Faust "10"

Apparently the previously announced album "10", has come out as a bootleg. Vinyl, limited edition of 100 copies. Here is photos of a copy bought at the record fair in Utrecht (courtesy of Joachim Gaertner).

Seems like the release is marked rainy day records, but apparently this is not the bigger independent label si of the same name situated in LA, USA. Anyone who has news about this release, please contact Faust-News blog.

Tracklisting (as written on the back):
face 1:
á bout de soufle
fresh air
á l'ambassade du japon
lend me your coat
der sommerwind

face 2:
der fass ist voll
an english woman's dream
pure freude


New Klangbad LP from Irmler

Continuing the collaborative works, FM Einheit & Irmler teams up with The German multimedia performer Ute Marie-Paul and the American composer and bassoon player Katie Young's sound cosmos. Spielwiese 3 will be released on LP 25th of November this year by Klangbad. Limited to 500 copies with Silk Screen Cover.

A Terrific Place by Klangbad


Art Error Ist live at LUFF

Jean Hervé Peron has started a closer collaboration with guys from NWW, Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles as Art Error Ist. Here they perform with Babs Santini doing paintwork at the Lausanne Underground film & Music Festival in October this year.



On the 25th of October Faust will perform at the Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels with a special line-up. Alongside Zappi Diermaier & Jean Hervé Peron will be Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator), Pierre Chevalier (Liquidation Totale, Universe Zero, Present, Bang Lassi), Pat Moonch (Milano / stage performance), Francoiz Breut  (F, singer, Calexico, Dominique A) & Vincent Juillard (bxl / minimalist drawings). Support act will be the Franco-Belgian electroacoustic improv-trio Quattrophage.



Irmler & Wolfarth - Illumination

Klangbad is shortly out with a new release. A collaboration between Jochen Irmler (organ) and Christian Wolfarth (drums). Atmospheric soundscapes, delicate and disturbing at the same time. "Illumination" is available on vinyl and digital download from the 14th of Oktober 2011. Listen below to the track Tiptoed.

Irmler+Wolfarth-Tiptoed by Klangbad

Klangbad57LP(Broken Silence)

NoKowTow Radio

October edition of NoKowTow radioshow featured Something Dirty, alongside different acts as Melvins, Petula Clark & Neurosis.


Upcoming Faustgigs

A list of upcoming gigs by Faust and more:

August 6th - Faust (diermaier/peron/swayne/johnston/edwards) plays at FIELD DAY FESTIVAL, London, UK at 12:00H, stage 4.

August 19th - Faust (diermaier/peron/cambuzat) plays at the FINKENBACH FESTIVAL, Germany.

August 27th - Faust (diermaier/peron/nagel) plays at the SCHLAGSTROM FESTIVAL, Berlin, Germany.

September 5th - jhp/art-Errorist, in collaboration with Zsolt Sores and Theme, plays in BUDAPEST, Hungary

September 6th - jhp/art-Errorist, in collaboration with Zsolt Sores and Theme, plays in VIENNA, Austria

September 7th - jhp/art-Errorist, in collaboration with Zsolt Sores and Theme, plays in KATOWICE, Poland

September 8th - jhp/art-Errorist, in collaboration with Zsolt Sores and Theme, plays in KRAKOW, Poland

September 10th - Faust (diermaier/peron/swayne/johnston) plays at the OFFFESTIVAL in Wroclaw, Poland

September 20th - Faust (diermaier/peron/swayne/johnston) plays at the KUNST ALS KLANG Vittorio Manalese Gallery in Berlin, Germany

September 25th - Art Error Ist (jhp/art-Errorist / Andrew Liles / Steven Stapleton) play the HEBDEN BRIDGE TRADES CLUB in West Yorkshire, UK

October 19th - Art Error Ist (jhp/art-Errorist / Andrew Liles / Steven Stapleton) play the LUFFFESTIVAL in Lausanne, Switzerland

October 25th - FAUST (diermaier/peron), in collaboration with Quattrophage, play at the ATELIERS CLAUS in Brussels, Belgium

October 26th - FAUST (diermaier/peron), in collaboration with Quattrophage, play at LES INSTANTS CHAVIRES in Paris, France

October 27th - FAUST (diermaier/peron), in collaboration with Quattrophage, play in ROUEN, France


Avantgardefestival Schiphorst Programme online

Only less than a month until the fiesta in Schiphorst starts, and below you can see details of what to expect. More info about artists and so on at the festival site.
Here some info about the stages also:

This year we need to have three stages to fit in a the line-up of 39 acts! On Saturday and Sunday the Annexe becomes a full stage. It will sometimes run simultaneously to Stage 1 or Stage 2.

On Friday the Annexe remains a free-for-all space.

It is at ground-level.

It is upstairs.

A local farmer has kindly given us the use of his barn ,just a few steps away from the Festival site. Amidst some agricultural machines we will organize performances and exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and installations.

Friday 24 17:00 > 03:00

Press Conference
DimHunGer Stage 1
Triologue Stage 2
derschlaeger Stage 2
y+x=ER y+x=ES Stage 1
2606° Fahrenheit Outdoors
Bornzero Stage 2
Klaus Kinski Stage 1
VED Stage 1
Black to Comm Stage 2
DJ Fuenfundvierzig Stage 1
03:00 Curfew / Lichter aus / repos!

Saturday 25 10:00 > 03:00

10:00 Avantgarde FM on Air!
11:30 Chess/ Schach - Local Champion Ammar vs. all
Ronny Wærnes Stage 1
Wenzlovar Annexe
MaCu Stage 1
Lina Paul Annexe
Majmoon Stage 2
Linn Halsvorsrod Barn
Passierzettel Stage 1
Günther Stolarz Stage 1
Lutz Hieber Annexe
Ax Genrich Stage 1
Birgit Ulher & Gregory Büttner Stage 2
Louise D.E.Jensen/Tom Blancarte Annexe
Faust Stage 1
Amaury Cambuzat Stage 2
Neopostdadasurrealpunkshow Annexe
Xyramat & Stadtfisch Stage 2
:: OT:: Stage 1
Naco Annexe
Somnambule Stage 2
Meeting of the Spirits Stage 2
DJ Silverwolf Stage 1
03:00 Curfew / Lichter aus / repos!

Sunday 26 10:00 > 22:00

10:00 Avantgarde FM on Air!
Catherine Barcher Barn
"Impromptu for 46 Cementmixers
and a flute" / art-Errorist Barn
Peter Nicholson Stage 1
Martiensgohome Stage 2
Halma Stage 1
Kakawaka Annexe
Hexenbrutal Stage 2
Das unpreetzise Klang-Labor Annexe
The Ape Stage 1
Margitt Holzt Annexe
Fall out Trio Stage 2
Toys'r'noise Stage 1
David Esparza & art-Errorist Stage 1
22:00 END of Fiesta ! / FINI le Festival ! / Alles VORBEI !


B.I.L.L. and Rutman CDs/LPS are now available

B.I.L.L. - Bell, Irmler, Liebezeit, Lippok.
Limited to 1000 copies. LP including full album on CD. Get it from Klangbad

Rutman Steel Cello Ensemble feat. Ginsberg, Hentz, Irmler.
Digipak and Download. Also from Klangbad


Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst artists

This years Avantgardefestival Schiphorst, hosted by Jean-Hervé Peron and his wife Carina Varain, takes place during the weekend 24-26th of June. The artists this year are as follows:

Faust (DMZ) .. :: OT :: (Hamburg) .. Aerosol (Berlin) .. Amaury Cambuzat (Italy/ France) .. Ax Genrich (Mannheim) .. DwanL (France) .. Birgit Uhler & Gregory Büttner (Hamburg) .. Black to Comm (Hamburg) .. Bornzero (Marburg) .. Das Unpreetzise Klang-Labor (Kiel) .. David Esparza (USA) .. derschlaeger (Austria/ Germany/ Switzerland) .. DimHunGer (Norway) .. DJ Silverwolf (Slovenia) .. Fall out Trio (Croatia) .. Günther Stolarz (Berlin) .. Halma (Hamburg) .. Hexenbrutal (Slovenia) .. Kakawaka (Berlin) .. Klaus Kinski (Wales) .. Lina Paul (Berlin) .. Linn Halsvorsrød (Norway) .. Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen & Tom Blancarte (USA/ Danmark) .. Macu (Austria) .. Majmoon (Bosnia) .. Margitt Holzt (Hamburg) .. Martiensgohome (Belgium) .. Meeting of the Spirits (Berlin/ London) .. Naco (France) .. Nathan Siter (Finnland) .. Neopostdadasurrealpunkshow (Hamburg) .. Passierzettel (Hamburg) .. Peter Nicholson (Scotland) .. Fahrenheit 2606 (France) .. Ronny Wærnes (Norway) .. Y+X=ER Y+X=ES (Italy) .. Somnambule (Kiel) .. Stadtfisch & Xyramat (Hamburg) .. The Ape (Hamburg) .. Toys'R'Noise (France) .. Triologue (Lübeck) .. Ved (Sweden) .. Wenzlovar (Berlin) ..

More info about the artists here

The programme will be announced on April the 10th.


Analog Love In Digital Times - Clouds Hill Vinylbox #2

The release of Clouds Hill Vinylbox #2 - Analog Love In Digital Times follows the immense success of the first box set.

The extremely limited nature of the previous box, only 100 copies, made it a particularly coveted and fast-selling collection. Analog Love In Digital Times is limited to an exclusive 200 copies, available from May 13th.

Every song in the vinyl box set was produced in the Clouds Hill studio and exclusively recorded for this compilation. Artists are Faust, Stella, The Ape, Michaela Meise, Stadtfischflex, Scams,Wyatt Derbyngton und Scheerer with exclusive remixes.


Klangbad festival tickets on sale

Klangbad Festival (05.-07.August 2011) has sold tickets for a while. Still available is the EARLY-BIRD 3-Day Festival Tickets: (from february 14th to April 30th 2011). After this the prices will be a bit higher.

Releases update from Klangbad

The forthcoming vinyl on Klangbad by B.I.L.L. - Bell, Irmler, Liebezeit, Lippok - Spielwiese 2, comes with handmade silkscreen cover. This release is the second part of the project called "Spielwiese Scheer". The idea behind this is to invite different musicians into the Faust Studio for one week. The artists themselves have this time only played one show together before. A special treat for those ordering from the website is a CD with the full album on. Kat no Klangbad 53LP. Out 15th of April.

The details for Bob Rutman´s Steel Cello Ensemble feat. Ginsberg, Hentz, Irmler is also ready. It will be a CD in digipack and download. Recorded also in Faust Studio, Irmler appears with his organ end effects. Klangbad 48CD/Digipak/Download. Out 29th of April.


Poème Pour Bétonière et Orchestre - trailer

Projection for Poème Pour Bétonière et Orchestre by art-errorist Jean-Hervé Péron. Made by Irina Frederich and Uwe Bastiansen. The sound is original live-sound. See stadtfischfilm.com


Le piano fatigué - trailer

The complete trailer of the movie "le piano fatigué" with Bagio and Jean-Hervé, by Uwe Bastiansen. Including chinese subtitels. Available from stadtfischfilm.com


Something Dirty Review by Was Ist Das

The wonderful, something out of the ordinary Krautrock site Was Ist Das has already done a wonderful, and somewhat special review of Something Dirty. The album is out later this month, and you can get it from your local retailer, or make sure that they provide a copy for you. Will be available as CD, LP and download. Also, check out the preview on soul seduction.

Faust / Band Of Pain 'John Cage - Radio Music'

Jean Hervé and Zappi teams up with Steve Pittis for this new vinyl release by Dirter. From the website:

John Cage composed the piece "Radio Music" in 1956. It is scored in 8 parts (A-H) with each part to be performed either individually or together with other parts as an ensemble. The performers follow a score that is a sequence of radio frequency tunings and silent parts. Obviously, each time the piece is performed, it yields a different end result. We present here 4 solo versions on this limited edition 10" EP. The works are performed by members of German legends, Faust and by Steve Pittis' project, Band Of Pain. All tracks were recorded live in the studio with absolutely no overdubs.

The 10" vinyl EP is packaged in a superb gloss laminated sleeve and is strictly limited to 500 copies.


Klangbad Festival announces dates

This years Klangbad Festival in Scheer, Germany, takes place from the 5th to the 7th of August. Advance tickets go on sale on the 14th of February from klangbad.de and this will probably be the only solution for this year, as there will be no box office for tickets. But as usual the sleepy, pittoresque appearing village of Scheer invites you to a musical provocative, avantgardistic-innovative journey, packed with surprises, crossing various genres.