On the 25th of October Faust will perform at the Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels with a special line-up. Alongside Zappi Diermaier & Jean Hervé Peron will be Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator), Pierre Chevalier (Liquidation Totale, Universe Zero, Present, Bang Lassi), Pat Moonch (Milano / stage performance), Francoiz Breut  (F, singer, Calexico, Dominique A) & Vincent Juillard (bxl / minimalist drawings). Support act will be the Franco-Belgian electroacoustic improv-trio Quattrophage.



Irmler & Wolfarth - Illumination

Klangbad is shortly out with a new release. A collaboration between Jochen Irmler (organ) and Christian Wolfarth (drums). Atmospheric soundscapes, delicate and disturbing at the same time. "Illumination" is available on vinyl and digital download from the 14th of Oktober 2011. Listen below to the track Tiptoed.

Irmler+Wolfarth-Tiptoed by Klangbad

Klangbad57LP(Broken Silence)

NoKowTow Radio

October edition of NoKowTow radioshow featured Something Dirty, alongside different acts as Melvins, Petula Clark & Neurosis.