Upcoming releases of Hans Joachim Irmler

Klangbad announces forthcoming releases by Irmler:

Spielwiese Scheer 2 - B.I.L.L. - Bell, Irmler, Liebezeit, Lippok - Vinyl - March 2011
Christian Wolfarth & H.J.Irmler - Vinyl - April 2011
Bob Rutman Steel Cello Ensemble - Rutman, Ginsberg, Hentz, Irmler - CD - April 2011
Spielwiese Scheer 3 - FM Einheit+Irmler+Katherine Young+Ute-Marie Paul - Vinyl - September 2011


Something Dirty news

The official release date is set to the 28th of January 2011. The cover artwork is as you see it here also. The bureau b releases website offers mp3 music samples also.

From the releases website:
something dirty. CD, vinyl (180g), download. Out Jan 28, 2011

The living Krautrock legend Faust, around for over 40 years now, have recorded a new album! Jean-Hervé Peron, Zappi W. Diermaier (both founding members), James Johnston (Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds), and Gerladine Swayne (...Bender) have come up with another archetypical Faust album: inspiring, innovative, unpredictable, crossing boundaries, anarchic – Faustian! "something dirty" is a definitive milestone in the long history of this world-famous musical institution from Hamburg.

01. Tell the Bitch to go Home
02. Herbststimmung
03. Something Dirty
04. Thoughts of the Dead
05. Lost the Signal
06. Je Bouffe
07. Whet
08. Invisible Mending
09. Dampfauslass 1
10. Dampfauslass 2
11. Pythagoras
12. Save the Last One
13. La Sole Dorée


71 Minutes on 180 g Double LP Vinyl

ReR Megacorp continues to re-release limited edition Faust on heavy vinyl. This time it is the collection of early recordings that was compiled from "lost" and unreleased material, originally released as “Munich & Elsewhere” as well as most of the unreleased "Faust Party 3" LP. Finally out as a double LP, 71 Minutes is the second in a series of reissues of Faust on limited edition 180 gram HQ vinyl. Available here

Nice article on early Faust

Read about the 70s album, and
"the ways in which the band's avant-garde self-image continues to cover up the ways in which their creative output was tied to social and political questions that faced Germany in the wake of the generational upheaval of the late 1960s. Supported, in part, by original interviews with three of Faust's founding members, this article then broadly re-examines the band's subtle social attentiveness that is often buried beneath musical experimentations and extra-musical reflections. In the end, one can therefore conclude that Faust's until now overlooked politics of the unpolitical constituted a musical project aimed to question the status quo and Germany's inability to confront its past adequately."


Der Schlaeger - Blogs CD out

The last few years Zappi has been involved in a band project called Der Schlaeger. From the band website: "The music of "DER SCHLAEGER" is a combination of typical german "Schlager" music and kind of abstract and aggressive instrumental overlays. The lead vocals definitly represent the original harmonies and lyrics of the "Schlager" whereas the vocalist live performance has a more punky attitude.
SCHLAGER: typical german popular songs mainly from the 60ies. Very easy tunes with easy lyrics."

The CD BLOGS is released by Dirter, and is limited to 1000 copies. Divided into 4 blogs, it contains 23 tracks altogether, and is a nice mix of strange experimental soundscapes, and the German Schlaeger songs sung very nicely by Karin Meier.

A dvd will also be released.


FM Einheit + Irmler live dates

As last year Irmler will team up with previous EN member FM Einheit, and do some live gigs in Germany. One already done earlier this month, but the next dates /places are as follows:

16.10. FM EINHEIT + IRMLER @ Skala, 20 Jahre FZML Festival, Leipzig, GER
18.10. FM EINHEIT + IRMLER @ Kreuzberg Festsaal, Berlin, GER
22.10. FM EINHEIT + IRMLER + band @ Galerie Falkenberg, Hamburg, GER


New Faust release in January 2011

Faust (Geraldine Swayne, James Johnstone, Zappi Diermaier, Jean-Hervé Peron) has recorded a new album at Cloudshill Stuios in Hamburg. It is called "Something Dirty", has 13 tracks and will be released as a CD, a Vinyl with art-work inside, a 12" single with a remix from a great band (TBA), and a 7" outtake. The album is produced by Johann Scheerer and Faust, and will be released on January the 21st 2011 by the label bureau.b in Hamburg, Germany.


Live dates update

The rest of the years performances for Peron an Zappis Faust are:

20 Sep Uebel und Gefaerlich , Hamburg, GERMANY
21 Sep Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, GERMANY
23 Sep Szene, Vienna, AUSTRIA
06 Oct Teatro Maria Matos Lisboa, PORTUGAL
07 Oct Galeria Zé dos Bois (workshop) Lisboa, PORTUGAL
09 Oct Monasterio de la Victoria @ Monkey Week, Cadiz, SPAIN
17 Oct Tolbooth @ Le Weekend , Stirling, Scotland, UK
22 Oct Nødutgangfestivalen, Bodø, NORWAY
06 Dec JHP/ZAPPI @ Astra-Stube Hamburg, GERMANY


pirlouiiiit images from Mimi Festival

pirlouiiiit has some very nice images from Faust performance @ the Mimi Festival earlier this summer. Also a short videoclip here

A review (in French) from the same festival can also be found if you scroll down at this page.

The Timeless krautrock of Faust

Harry Prenger has written an article on Faust on his blog, ending with some nice talk about Faust is Last. It is in Dutch, so it's mostly for fans who are fluent in that kind of language. Others interested could try the google translate version.

Reviews from Evilsponge

EvilSponge has done a nice review of Faust is Last. Concluding quite rightly "I don't believe Irmler will stop now". Also a nice review of Peron and Zappi's Faust performance in Wrexham in May. Some images as well.


Faust live at Klangbad DVD and So Far 7" re-relase

The two films from Playloud!, one about the Klangbadfestival 2005, and the other about Faust performance of the same festival, is now available on one DVD. The two films are: Klangbad: Avant-garde in the Meadows, Faust: Live at Klangbad Festival. In conjunction with the two films Playloud! also does the first re-release of the one & only Faust 7" vinyl single. Restored and remastered by Hans Joachim Irmler. Both tracks are non-LP tracks and they differ slightly from the original single versions.


Phantom Circuit Radio interview

The 38th edition of internet radio show Phantom Circuit features an interview with Jean-Hervé Peron, Zappi Diermaier, Geraldine Swayne and James Johnston of Faust and by their kind permission some tracks from their set in Birmingham, recorded on 10th May. The show is available for on-demand streaming from: Mixcloud


Klangbad festival timetable

Friday, 06.08.

Main Stage

17:30 Transmitter
20:00 Heaven And
22:30 Mekons
23:45 These New Puritans

Tent Stage

16:00 Fodderstompf feat. DJ Marcelle & Holger Mertin
18:45 Pendler
21:15 Cluster

Canteen I

01:00 DJ Fett

Canteen II

01:00 Skug Soundsystem

Saturday, 07.08.

Main Stage

13:15 QA´A
15:45 Trost
18:15 Metalycee
19:30 Liebezeit,Lippok,Irmler,Bell
23:30 Jimi Tenor + Kabu Kabu

Tent Stage

12:45 Allroh
14:30 Violet Violet
17:00 Golden Disko Ship
20:40 Villalog

Canteen I

01:00 DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess

Canteen II

01:00 Phillip Sollmann (Efdemin)


01:00 Incite

Sunday, 08.08.

Main Stage

13:15 Aranis
17:15 Nufa
18:45 Gustav
20:15 A Hawk and A Hacksaw

Tent Stage

11:00 Max Dax / Martin Hossbach DJ-Set
14:30 Aquaserge
15:45 Fifty - Fifty

3-day and single day tickets also available from the website


Lydia Lunch's Big Sexy Noise @ Avantgardefestival Schiporst

Avantgardefestival Schiporst is closing in on us, and James Johnston will appear in various settings, not only Faust. The great Lydia Lunch will perfrom with her Big Sexy Noise project and James has been a regular in the line-up for some time. The programme is official, it looks like this:

Friday july 2 18:00 > 03:00
18:00 Press Conference
19:00 Blaakraft
20:00 Reportaz
21:00 Bloodstereo
22:00 LYDIA LUNCH's Big Sexy Noise
24:00 Quattrophage
01:00 Richard Lainhart
02:00 DJ Tango Mango

Saturday july 3 12:00 > 03:00
12:00 Tom Zunk
12:45 Datashock
13:45 Underdog
15:00 Chaos Physique
16:15 Gugu Flux
17:00 FAUST & Friends
18:15 Ferdinand FÖRSCH
19:00 Somnambule
20:00 Philippe Petit & Penates
23:00 Knight & Thrower
24:00 Jetzman
01:00 Anton Tornister
02:00 DJ Tango Mango

Sunday july 4th 12:00 > 22:00
12:00 Ookoi-A-Table !
13:00 Lisa Dillan
14:00 Sascha Aurora Akhtar
16:00 Kommissar Hjuler & C. Graham
18:00 P.A.S. & Vultures
19:00 Qarad Quintette
20:00 Thorsten Soltau
21:00 Toys-R-Noise

The folowing artists will be performing at the Annexe / Workfloor according to their own plans :
Geoff Leigh ( UK) - Stadtfisch Filme ( D) – The Grand Erector (UK) – Patricia Molins (F) - Balog (D) – Matthieu Safatly (B) – Maya Danon (ISR) – Mareike Groschel (G) – Geraldine Swayne (IRL) – Karen Constance (UK) –Hardtart ( D) –

More details at the festival website


Faust at F.O.N. Festival

Here's a video of Faust at the Full of Noise festival:

If you follow this link, you can see the rest of the show added (it's 12 parts).


Was ist das?

Krautrock site Was ist das? features a review of the Manchester gig. The site has also a podcast radioshow, and the last show includes a track from the Faust is Last album.

UK tour video, review

The UK tour is over and done with. Here is a video from the Birmingham show:

Reviews from Scotoland here and here

An interview with Jean-Hervé Peron before the Glasgow gig can be found here


UK tour coming up

A quick reminder about the UK tour that will start tomorrow, so make sure you pay attention to the dates:

10 May - UK, Birmingham - The Rainbow Warehouse
11 May - UK, Glasgow - The Arches
12 May - UK, Manchester - The Ruby Lounge
13 May - UK, Wrexham - Central Station
14 May - UK, Minehaead - ATP Festival
16 May - UK, London - Corsica Studios


Ravvivando LP plus Faust is Last LP

This is too good an offer to pass: Ravvivando LP plus Faust is Last LP in one package from Klangbad. Four vinyls, two releases, less money. Ravvivando is by some described as the one you could compare the brand new latest release from Faust, so maybe they belong together somehow. Get it here


Gallon Drunk live dates

I know it's been out for a while, but it's not late for planning ahead. James Johnston's Gallon Drunk will appear (so far) at these dates and places in 2010:

4th of November @ Club Control, Bucharest, RO.
3rd of July @ AvantGarde Festival Schiphorst, Germany
17th of August @ the Lexington, London, UK

Btw, James Johnston, Ian White and Terry Edwards currently touring and recording with Lydia Lunch as Big Sexy Noise.


Faust will not bow out

With the new release Faust is Last, there has been speculations around the web that this is in fact the last release ever to come out of Faust. In an article about Faust is Last, FACT Magazine uses the headline "Faust bow out after 40 years with Faust Is Last", and in text "According to the band, it will be their final release". In addition, the blog of Play Loud production, who also has released a live Faust dvd, uses the phrase "Faust announce a last record", which is also quoted on the Klangbad info site of Faust is Last.

No wonder Fact Magazine and others are confused, but others as Freq has noticed that in fact Faust has been separated in two bands for some years, one with founder members Jean-Hervé Peron and Zappi Diermaier as the key members, and one with Joachim Irmler as the key member. Freq writes in their review of the said album: "Irmler (...) has announced that this manifestation of Faust will cease to exist in the near future, and that the two disks of Faust Is Last represent their last will and testament". As of yet, an announcement from Peron & Diermaier of bowing down has not been seen, in fact they are stil touring (UK tour starting 10th of May) and studio work is also on the way.

Faust w/Irmler - Faust is Last pr shot

Faust w/ Zappi & Peron 2008


Nijdrop reviews

Last Friday Faust played in Belgium at the Nijdrop in Opwijk. Reviews are alrady rolling in, so check out one from The Original Sin Fanzine, and another from the Dark Entries online muziek magazine (the latter needing a translation if you're not familiar with the language, but the web is full of such services!).

NB! Next up is the UK tour!


Pharaoh Overlord with Joachim Irmler

A new vinyl release by Klangbad label, Pharaoh Overlord - Live in Suomi Finland. Originally released as CD by Vivo in 2007, but now sold out. Recorded 12.05.2006 at Kipsari , Helsinki, Finland. WITH: Hans Joachim Irmler, Julius Jääskeläinen, Pekka Jääskeläinen, Jussi Lehtisalo, Tomi Leppänen, Janne Westerlund. Remixed by Hans Joachim Irmler. Premastered at Faust-studio Scheer-Germany. The Klangbad vinyl is a limited edition and on white vinyl.


Faust Is Last on myspace

To promote the forthcoming album Faust Is Last, Klangbad has created a myspace profile for the release. Pre-listen to some tracks and also watch a video of a track from the album. Release dates ares still UK/USA/JAPAN: May 2010 - GERMANY: 16. April 2010. If you pre-order now, it will be shipped 15th of April, and first 200 orders get an exclusive poster for free.

To Rococo Rot features Irmler live in Berlin and London

Minimalist-rock trio To Rococo Rot will be joined by Faust legend Hans Joachim Irmler for a rare collaboration. First already tonight at the Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin, later at the 23rd of April in London as part of the Berlin Sounds event at the Queen Elisabeth Hall.


Faust live at Klangbad dvd

Play Loud will release a dvd of Faust performance at the Klangbadfestival in 2005. Below a trailer from the forthcoming release:

Also expected is a documentary about the Klangbadfestival. Release date of both tba, but preorders are possible. More info here

Images and writings

The e-zine krautrockseite.de has some interesting stuff, click on the images:

From Avantgardefestival 2008:

From Hafenklang 2007:

Videos: Live in Lyon / Ist Faust Schöen?

Here is an extract of "Live in Lyon" by videomaker Julien Perrin:

FAUST live à Lyon
Uploaded by Julienperrin.

Extracts of "Ist Faust Schöen?" can be found here:

- Marilyn Monroe
- Wümme
- The German Beatles


Faust is last preorder

Klangbad announces that preorders of the "Faust is Last" album is available. Release date is set to 12th of April. It comes as double CD or double LP. Preorder here.


Klangbadfestival Scheer announces artists

This years Klangbadfestival takes place from 6th to 8th of August, and they announce the following artists. For more info go to the website.

Jimi Tenor + Kabu Kabu | The Mekons | A Hawk and A Hacksaw | FM EINHEIT + IRMLER | Cluster | Heaven And | QA´A | Nufa | Jakki Liebezeit & Robert Lippok & Clive Bell | Aquaserge | Golden Disko Ship | Pendler | Incite | ChristyandEmily with Band | Metalycee | Aranis | Violet Violet | Villalog | Transmitter | Kniel & Rössle | Fodderstompf feat. DJ Marcelle & Holger Mertin | Max Dax / Martin Hossbach DJ-Set | DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess | DJ Fett


Avantgardefestival Schiporst announces artists

One of the biggest avantgarde happenings in europe, announces the following artists. More updates will follow on the website.

· · · Lydia Lunch & Big Sexy Noise · Ferdinand Försch · Gallon Drunk · Blood Stereo · Kommissar Hjuler · Knight & Thrower · A Table! · Chaos Physique · Nathan Siter · The Grand Erector · Reportaz · Faust · Toys'r'Noise · Philippe Petit · Sasha Akhtar · Richard Leinhart · P.A.S.& Vultures · Blaakraft · Patricia Molins · Quattrophage · Somnanbule · Mareike Kroschel · Selvhenter · Quarad Quintett · Thorsten Soltau · Lisa Dillan · Underdog · Pedro Moura · GTS Athen · Traumaschine · Stadtfisch · Guguflux · Mercy Design · Eric Heyde · Datashock · Alex Drool · Yonowitch · Anton Tornister · Richard Fontenoy · Aerosol light · · ·


UK tour and more live dates

Faust announces the "Stop Faust Now !" tour. UK dates and venues are confirmed, plus changes of previous announced gigs and even more dates.
Line-up: Zappi/Geraldine Swayne/James Johnston/Jean-Hervé Peron and friends. The updated list of live dates below:

9 Apr - FRANCE, Lyon/Bourgoin - Les Abattoirs/Festival Electrochoc
23 Apr - BELGIUM, Opwijk - Nijdrop

10 May - UK, Birmingham - The Rainbow Warehouse
11 May - UK, Glasgow - The Arches
12 May - UK, Manchester - The Ruby Lounge
13 May - UK, Wrexham - Central Station
14 May - UK, Minehaead - ATP Festival
16 May - UK, London - Corsica Studios

10 June - FRANCE, Bourges - Le Nadir (screening)
11 June - FRANCE, Bourges - Le Nadir
12 June - FRANCE, St Etienne - Musee De La Mine/ Festival "Toto n'aime pas la soupe"
17 June - SPAIN, Madrid - TBC
19 June - PORTUGAL, Lisbon - TBC

2-4 July - GERMANY, Schiphorst - AVANTGARDE Festival
7 July - FRANCE, Marseille - Festival MIMI

22-30 Sept - GERMANY, Stop Faust Now! Tour TBA

21-24 Oct NORWAY, Bodø, Sinus / Nødutgangfestival


Avantgardefestival Schiporst on youtube

A new video is uploaded, and you can see Jean-Hervé Peron explains (in German) some of the ideas about the forthcoming festival:

And if you go to the Avantgardefestival's channel, you will also find loads of interesting videos from previous festivals.


Zappi interview

Ice Cream For Quo is a music-based magazine produced on a non-profit-making basis, roughly every two months or so. It exists only in a 40-page A5 printed format. There is no online version.

Issue 11 of Ice Cream For Quo is out now and features exclusive interviews with Faust’s Werner ‘Zappi’ Diermaier.

Live @ WFMU

The radioshow from WFMU is still online, but now you can also get the full october gig as MP3s here.


Irmler about forthcoming album

Hans Joachim Irmler will appear on german radio RDL on the 25th of February at 10 pm, presenting the forthcoming album "Faust is last" which is due out in april this year. He will also present some rare out-takes from the earlier years. Put a mark in your calender, and check out the radio website for livestream.

Irmlers Faust will in 2010 have the following line-up: Hans Joachim Irmler (Keyboards), Steven Wray Lobdell (E-Guitar), Lars Paukstatt (Percussion & Vocals), Michael Stoll (Bass) & Jan Fride (Drums).

Geraldine Swayne & The Art of Murder

A bit late, but if you hurry you can see Geraldine Swayne tonight the 27th Jan 2010 at 6.30pm at the
Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, Room ST 275(School of Advanced Study, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, WC1B 5DN London).

This series of seminars acts as a forum for practicing artists, researchers, curators, students, and others interested in visual culture who are invited to present, discuss and explore a given theme within the broad field of Visual Culture.

Geraldine On Painting Murder:

”I’ve made a lot of work about murders, not because I necessarily want to make pictures of the act but because I am interested in the atmosphere of murder scenes; the way terror distorts reality and the moment when the soul leaves the body.
I became interested in murder as a child and still hold childish supernatural beliefs about murder being a crime against nature, (and hence the universe), changing murderers into monsters and turning blossom to ash.
The resonance of murders, (particularly of young women), passes through me like a kind of medium. When I paint a murderer, what I am asking is: once you’ve killed, have you committed another murder on your own soul; and if you have, can I see it in your eyes?"


Faust IV vinyl reissue review

Vinyl reissue of Faust IV by Capitol/EMI in their “From the Capitol Vaults” series, has been reviewed by Goldmine magazine. Read it here


Avantgardefestival Schiporst 2010

Dates for the Avantgardefestival Schiporst has been announced. If you are planning to go there this summer, it will take place from 2nd to 4th of July. The festival has been on the farm and home of Jean-Hervé Peron and Carina Varain for many years, and they open their home to artists and guests to create one of the most important avantgarde happenings in Europe. No artists yet announced, but as a rule Faust, and/or members of Faust will participate as they have done every year.



FM Einheit+Irmler

In November Hans Joachim Irmler joined forces with previous EN memeber FM Einheit, and did a gig in Berlin. This concert was videotaped and will be released as a dvd later this year at the same time as an album by "FM Einheit+Irmler" also will be released. There is a trailer of the forthcoming dvd on youtube.
A review of the concert can be found here.

Images from Athens

Nori Kapza took some nice pictures from the gig in Athens. More here


Faust on air

Later this month, on Tuesday, January 19th, 3pm - 6pm: Faust, recorded at WFMU Fest in Brooklyn, plus interview w/Jean-Herve Peron. A broadcast of the entire performance recorded live at WFMU's 3 night festival at the Music Hall of Williamsburg where the band headlined October 1st, will be aired by independent radiostation WFMU on Brian Turner's show at 91.1 fm in New York, at 90.1 fm in the Hudson Valley. Live stream can be found at the stations website http://wfmu.org/

Faust live dates for 2010

Some dates are confrimed for 2010, and hopefully many more to come. As always, go to Faust Myspace to see a full list of upcoming dates. Anyway here are some preliminary dates, details regarding venues etc will follow:

Jean-Hervé Peron/art-errorist in Lille ( france north) presenting the film "ist faust schoen ? " by julien perrin sat 17th january
faust in Aarhus ( denmark) Thu.29 april
faust on the Stubnitz ( anchored in Copenhagen) also end of april
faust in manchester (UK) 12 may
faust in Wrexham 13 may
faust at the ATP festival 14/15 may
faust in london Corsica 16 may
faust in bourges ( france middle) 10 june
faust in St Etienne (france middle) 12 june
faust at the Avantgarde fFestival 2-4 juli
faust at the Mimi festival marseille, france south) july 9