Live dates update

Here is an update of upcoming gigs!
November 6th, faUSt perform next week in Copenhagen/Denmark  at the Festival of Endless Gratitude. Zappi and Jean-Herve Peron will invite guest artists and workers to collaborate on their show

November 21st, BBmix Festival in Paris/France. faUSt will perform here with their long time friends Cathy Heyden ( sax) and Maxime Manac'h (guit and video).

November 22nd, Festival Invisible in Brest/France. Zappi and Peron for the second time at this fabulous festival in Britanny.

Warsaw/Poland, jhp/art-Errorist performs in collab with Zsolt Sorés, from 11 to 15 December, in a project "Advent" after one of the piece by Richard Youngs, the focus point will be "Melancholy of Resistance" by Lászlo Krasznahorkai.

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