Theme with Zsolt Sores and Jean-Hervé Peron

Vinyl Mini-LP (12") just out by Theme (Richard Johnson and Stuart Carter) in three studio collaborations with Jean-Hervé Peron (Faust), Zsolt Sörés and Zsolt Varga. Recorded in September 2011. More info from the label website

Direct orders will also get a bonus CDR by Theme, and a Nick Mott 7"/CDR package.

Jean-herve Peron and Zsolt Sores will also join Theme for a gigs later next March, beginning in Torun (Poland) at the CoCArt Festival. There was also a third piece they recorded together last year, too, which will appear on a 7" on Fourth Dimension Records next year.


Art-Errorist & Acid Cobra - Cold Waters

Cold Waters is now out as full color digipak CD including artwork, photos and liner notes on Yesmissolga label. Buy it here

Info from the website:

Cold Waters is the result of a very short yet intense meeting between Jean-Hervé Péron (Faust) and Amaury Cambuzat (Ulan Bator). The duo met in the French countryside at Carina’s silk mill: two days, two mics, two friends and a dog…from hilarious to heart-striking, these “Songs from the Mill ” flowed through them. Cold Waters, far from being an anecdotal side note to their ongoing collaborative efforts in the legendary band Faust, reaffirms the duo’s successful explorations as the boucaniers of avant-rock.This album covers the seven seas of joyful play, swirling liquid psychedelia, pounding waves of aural textures, delicate drones, stormy meanderings which break into exalting voyages beyond this bucolic countryside and end in a rock and roll rodeo round up. Dive into Cold Waters and you too will come up crying out in joy.

Jean-Hervé Péron and Amaury Cambuzat have been working together for about a decade in Faust but both have side projects under Art Errorist and Acid Cobra respectively. Cold Waters was originally released on Cambuzat’s Acid Cobra Records as an extremely limited CD-R release in the Acid Cobra Family series, available only through the artists. Now officially available through yesmissolga in a full color digipak CD including artwork, photos and liner notes.