Acid Cobra & Art-Errorist CD

Acid Cobra & Art-Errorist: Cold Waters is the first release of the Acid Cobra Family project. Cold Waters is the result of a very short yet intense meeting between Jean-Hervé Péron (founder and current member of the legendary german band Faust) and Amaury Cambuzat (founder of Ulan Bator, current member of Faust, Chaos Physique). In the Ardeche (Provence, France) they met at Carina's old silk mill and recorded straight away; two days, two mikes, two friends ... from hilarious to heart-striking, these "Songs from the Mill " flowed through them. It is 57 minutes of pure un-classical avant-garde.
Acid Cobra: e-guitar, organ, loops, effects and percussions
Art-Errorist: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, trumpet, psalterion, vocals, loops and percussions


Released by: Acid Cobra Family
Release date: Jun 1, 2012

  Acid Cobra & Art-Errorist: "Cold Waters" by Acid Cobra


  1. hallo .. I would like to .. ehhh .. have my album released here ... but ok .. thats not an option ... i get it ... / metek teepeeguy


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