Avantgardefestival Schiphorst Programme online

Only less than a month until the fiesta in Schiphorst starts, and below you can see details of what to expect. More info about artists and so on at the festival site.
Here some info about the stages also:

This year we need to have three stages to fit in a the line-up of 39 acts! On Saturday and Sunday the Annexe becomes a full stage. It will sometimes run simultaneously to Stage 1 or Stage 2.

On Friday the Annexe remains a free-for-all space.

It is at ground-level.

It is upstairs.

A local farmer has kindly given us the use of his barn ,just a few steps away from the Festival site. Amidst some agricultural machines we will organize performances and exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and installations.

Friday 24 17:00 > 03:00

Press Conference
DimHunGer Stage 1
Triologue Stage 2
derschlaeger Stage 2
y+x=ER y+x=ES Stage 1
2606° Fahrenheit Outdoors
Bornzero Stage 2
Klaus Kinski Stage 1
VED Stage 1
Black to Comm Stage 2
DJ Fuenfundvierzig Stage 1
03:00 Curfew / Lichter aus / repos!

Saturday 25 10:00 > 03:00

10:00 Avantgarde FM on Air!
11:30 Chess/ Schach - Local Champion Ammar vs. all
Ronny Wærnes Stage 1
Wenzlovar Annexe
MaCu Stage 1
Lina Paul Annexe
Majmoon Stage 2
Linn Halsvorsrod Barn
Passierzettel Stage 1
Günther Stolarz Stage 1
Lutz Hieber Annexe
Ax Genrich Stage 1
Birgit Ulher & Gregory Büttner Stage 2
Louise D.E.Jensen/Tom Blancarte Annexe
Faust Stage 1
Amaury Cambuzat Stage 2
Neopostdadasurrealpunkshow Annexe
Xyramat & Stadtfisch Stage 2
:: OT:: Stage 1
Naco Annexe
Somnambule Stage 2
Meeting of the Spirits Stage 2
DJ Silverwolf Stage 1
03:00 Curfew / Lichter aus / repos!

Sunday 26 10:00 > 22:00

10:00 Avantgarde FM on Air!
Catherine Barcher Barn
"Impromptu for 46 Cementmixers
and a flute" / art-Errorist Barn
Peter Nicholson Stage 1
Martiensgohome Stage 2
Halma Stage 1
Kakawaka Annexe
Hexenbrutal Stage 2
Das unpreetzise Klang-Labor Annexe
The Ape Stage 1
Margitt Holzt Annexe
Fall out Trio Stage 2
Toys'r'noise Stage 1
David Esparza & art-Errorist Stage 1
22:00 END of Fiesta ! / FINI le Festival ! / Alles VORBEI !

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