Releases update from Klangbad

The forthcoming vinyl on Klangbad by B.I.L.L. - Bell, Irmler, Liebezeit, Lippok - Spielwiese 2, comes with handmade silkscreen cover. This release is the second part of the project called "Spielwiese Scheer". The idea behind this is to invite different musicians into the Faust Studio for one week. The artists themselves have this time only played one show together before. A special treat for those ordering from the website is a CD with the full album on. Kat no Klangbad 53LP. Out 15th of April.

The details for Bob Rutman´s Steel Cello Ensemble feat. Ginsberg, Hentz, Irmler is also ready. It will be a CD in digipack and download. Recorded also in Faust Studio, Irmler appears with his organ end effects. Klangbad 48CD/Digipak/Download. Out 29th of April.

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