Faust / Band Of Pain 'John Cage - Radio Music'

Jean Hervé and Zappi teams up with Steve Pittis for this new vinyl release by Dirter. From the website:

John Cage composed the piece "Radio Music" in 1956. It is scored in 8 parts (A-H) with each part to be performed either individually or together with other parts as an ensemble. The performers follow a score that is a sequence of radio frequency tunings and silent parts. Obviously, each time the piece is performed, it yields a different end result. We present here 4 solo versions on this limited edition 10" EP. The works are performed by members of German legends, Faust and by Steve Pittis' project, Band Of Pain. All tracks were recorded live in the studio with absolutely no overdubs.

The 10" vinyl EP is packaged in a superb gloss laminated sleeve and is strictly limited to 500 copies.

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